Monday, April 15, 2019

The persecution of Julian Assange

Thursday, 11 April 2019, will for ever be a black day in the history of the United Kingdom. On this day, a servile British Prime Minister, Theresa May, caved in to pressure from a wild US President who treats International Law with disdain. The British police was ordered to arrest Julian Assange, a great benefactor of mankind, who had been given political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy by the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa (that asylum has just been withdrawn by Correa's successor Moreno, a US puppet who faces corruption allegations).

Below is a selection of comments from courageous individuals who speak up against injustice and oppression.

1. Craig Murray, a former British Ambassador.

2. Comments from Julian Assange's lawyer Carlos Poveda.

3. Mark Taliano, author of "Voices from Syria".

4. John Pilger, the fearless journalist of international fame.

5. Dr Leon Tressell, a historian.


The Freedom Articles website has set out the issues surrounding Julian Assange's arrest with great clarity:

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