Monday, May 2, 2011

The death of Osama Bin Laden

According to the Americans, they killed Osama Bin Laden in the very early morning today in a raid on a mansion in Abbottabad, Pakistan. This is the main news item on British television as it no doubt is in the rest of the world. As the day wore on I found myself becoming more and more confused thinking about the claims that the Americans have made, and their uncritical acceptance by the BBC and the British newspapers. Eventually, I expressed my thoughts in a discussion taking place in the online version of a British newspaper. This is what I wrote:

"Surely, someone must have photographed the dead body of OBL or, perhaps, made a video. Why are the pictures not being shown? A photograph of a dead man's bloodied face was shown today on a Pakistani TV channel. Though viewers were asked to accept the face as that of OBL, it looked quite different: a younger, broader face and with a mostly black beard.

There is also the American claim that the dead man's DNA identifies the body as OBL's. Well, this is just a claim. Who carried out the tests?

The helicopters flew all the way from Afghanistan and the Pakistan army, which recently shot dead 5 Nato troops when the latter violated the border, was caught napping! is it possible that this is just a sleight of hand that the CIA/ISI have played on the world? Is this a face-saving formula to allow the Americans to make an "honourable" exit from Afghanistan?

Finally, the Americans celebrating a death brings to mind the images of people in the Middle East gloating over American deaths. What's the difference between the two? Deep down, they are all barbarians.

I shouldn't be asking these questions. I am simply amazed at the gullibility of so many journalists who have swallowed the American announcements uncritically."


Somehow, I omitted to mention the most comical aspect of this story: the disposal of the dead OBL in the deep blue sea! It has made me guffaw all day.

These are my thoughts on day 1. These may change in the coming days - we'll have to wait and see what transpires.


Noor said...

Ha ha! This is a follow-up to the 9/11 sleight of hand.

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

Firstly, Mr. Blogger, the US team that took out your friend OBL (now deceased) came from Paki territory – a base called Ghazi Air Base in north-west Pakistan. So no question of air space clearance for flying, etc. Secondly no official photographs were released by the US Govt. of your dead friend. The photographs doing the round are morphed and hence fake.

Wait a while, Mr. Blogger. The entire Paki double game, the DNA results and photographs will come out in a few days. Instead of concocting conspiracy theories, have you thought as to why Al Qaeda has maintained silence over the death of this sinister terrorist? Why has Al Jazeera not raised questions about the operation and the death of OBL? One hopes that the other terrorists living in Pakistan whether they belong to the Taliban or Al Qaeda will meet the same fate.

Deevan said...

Mr Ahmad, your comments completely mirror the thoughts I've been having regarding the whole circus. 

I don't believe the conspiracy theories regarding 9/11 but this is a different matter. 

Is it so hard to produce video footage or pictures to show parts of the mission. We've been told Obama was watching from beginning to end, where are these for the public to see? All it takes is a snapshot of OBL before or after he was apparently shot dead to lay these rumours to rest.

When Saddam was captured, pictures were released instantly with video soon after. 

I am currently in the states, normally I do not get affected by any of the east/west war against terror, but the media coverage and reaction over here is really making me sick!

Let's hope the bullies of this world finally leave Pakistan, now they have their man, dead or alive!

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Sakib Ahmad said...


Thanks, your comments are much appreciated.

On day 3 I am, if anything, feeling even more bewildered. Obama's team has reversed its day 1 account of how OBL was killed. Now he becomes unarmed and standing tall, not cowering behind his wife. So, why not just capture him and parade him before the world? Instead, he has to be murdered in cold blood with well aimed shots to the head and just above one eye! Then, of course, Obama has to be provided with positive proof of the corpse's true identity before he addresses the world on television. We are told that nothing less than a DNA test would suffice. Presumably, one of the helicopters had the necessary test equipment installed!

We live in times where illusions are created and reality is pushed away, out of sight. Anyone questioning the glaring inconsistencies in the illusion that he/she sees is shouted down with cries of "conspiracy theories". In due course, some doctored pictures and videos may be released to support the illusion that has already been created. Anyone refusing to accept that sleight of hand will no doubt be termed a "conspiracy theorist".

We have already been through that routine in relation to 9/11. Evidence was suppressed and the Bush Administration presented an elaborate CONSPIRACY THEORY to the world, which was full of holes. Numerous questions were raised, for example:

Why were the remains of aircraft, especially the black boxes, destroyed? Why was the rubble of the two collapsed towers cleared away without analysis? Why did the third tower collapse in exactly the same way as the two hit by aircraft?

These, and many more, were all genuine questions which were not answered. Instead, the term "conspiracy theory" was coined to poke fun at genuine attempts to get at the truth.

There is no doubt about OBL's terrorist activities pre 9/11, but there is no evidence that he had anything to do with that particular crime against humanity. It was all a smokescreen created by the Bush Administration to invade Afghanistan.

Sakib Ahmad said...

@Nazia Shah

Bibi, you are right, I am not IT-savvy. I can understand why an IT expert would feel disappointed coming here.

I have just paid a fleeting visit to 'webmaster forums' but it all went flying over my head. So, crestfallen, I returned and took my frustration out on people who think that Osama Bin Laden was found in Abbottabad.

"If YOU happened to be OBL would you choose to live in close proximity to the Pakistan and USA troops? Remember there were large numbers of US "trainers" stationed in that area.

OBL's lungs are supposed to have failed some years ago and he was said to be on a life support machine. There is no mention of his debilitating illness in the account given by Obama's publicity machine.

According to the late Benazir Bhutto, OBL had died some years ago. Congratulations to Obama & Co for making OBL die again. If the murdered man really was OBL then drowning the body is nothing less than criminal negligence: it would have been very easy to let the "conspiracy theorists" carry out their own DNA tests and eat their words."

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

What a clown is this Blogger? Giving a clean chit to the most hated man in the world. People who support a man like Laden are as much guilty of crimes against humanity as the devil laden himself.

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

@ Deevan
Please don't ask silly questions like where are photographs or video footage of the operation. To view such footage and photos, a person must be part of the inner circle of Pres. Obama's team. These are highly classified operational photogrpahs which may never be made available to the outside world. The sinister Al Qaeda has confirmed Osama's death and has been engaing in revenge attacks against Pakistan.

Sakib Ahmad said...

'Clean chit'? What clean chit? Osama was only a mini terrorist compared to the Super Terrorist, the government of the USA.

Don't you ever feel ashamed of your dishonest comments? Who are the people supporting Osama's murderous actions? Not at this blog! Take your pitiable attempts at spreading disinformation elsewhere.

Deevan only asked what millions of people are asking. Thank God most decent people are outside Terrorist Obama's inner circle. The world wants PROOF and the world wants to see JUSTICE being done, as in the case of Ratko Mladic being tried in the Hague for genocide in Bosnia.

When, oh when, will Bush and Obama be tried for crimes against humanity? 1.2 million deaths in Iraq, 250,000 (?) in Afghanistan, over 35,000 (and counting) in Pakistan.

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