Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The self-destruction of Pakistan....

.... by religious fanatics and USA lackeys.

Religious fanatics

The catalyst for this post is the massacre of Qadianis (Rabwah Ahmadi group) in their mosques in Lahore on 28 May, 2010. About 90 people, including children, died. The responsibility for the killings has been claimed by “Pakistan Taliban”, a monstrous organisation that sprang up suddenly some five years ago. Its origins are steeped in mystery – it is widely suspected of having been a creation of CIA with active support from India. The TTP monster (“Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan”, to give it its full title) has now grown out of control – while it still concentrates mostly on self-destruction within Pakistan, it has begun to threaten American interests as well.

The day, 28th May, itself is highly significant. This day is celebrated in Pakistan as the Day of Takbeer, in commemoration of Pakistan becoming a nuclear power in 1998 by successfully setting off nuclear explosions. Those who masterminded the massacre last Friday may have been thumbing their noses at Pakistan, ostensibly a nuclear power but, in reality, little more than a client state of the USA ever since the infamous dictator Musharraf signed away Pakistan's sovereignty in return for American backing to keep him in power. Following the end of Musharraf's long reign, the motley gang of convicts, criminals and fraudsters that succeeded him as the government of Pakistan has done little to improve matters.

Thus, while it is right that we should condemn the massacre of our fellow Pakistanis we should not lose sight of the wider picture. Before targeting Ahmadees, the TTP had been complicit in the mass murder of Shias and in the killings of personnel belonging to Pakistan’s security forces, not to mention indiscriminate bombings of hundreds of fellow Pakistanis of all religious denominations. The ever widening ripples of terror through Pakistani society indicate how the ignorant, ill educated religious fanatics in Pakistan are being used cynically – indeed, in an inhuman, thoroughly diabolical manner – to spread terror and to destabilise Pakistan.

In parallel with the atrocities committed by the religious fanatics, a vastly bigger horror is going on largely unchallenged, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Pakistani citizens.

USA lackeys

The horror referred to in the preceding paragraph comprises the massacres and abductions of Pakistani citizens carried out by ‘educated’ Pakistanis who have seemingly taken an oath of allegiance to the USA. There are three aspects to this obscene collaboration of our westernised Pakistanis with their paymasters in the USA:

1   1. Pakistan’s government and its military are both equally guilty in allowing the USA to launch attacks from the air on Pakistan’s citizens. The ostensible reason for these “drone attacks” (see the fourth paragraph of my my last blog post) is to destroy ‘Taliban’ but the widespread mayhem results in killing mostly the innocent citizens (the death toll splits as 97% innocent citizens, 3% suspected ‘Taliban’). This wanton waste of human life is given the obscene name “collateral damage”!

2   2. By giving birth to the Frankenstein of “Pakistan Taliban” the USA managed to create conditions of civil war in Pakistan, which forced Pakistan’s military to invade the north western areas. This was part of the USA’s ‘do more’ strategy for Pakistan, designed to force this hapless country to sacrifice itself for USA’s war aims in Afghanistan. As a result of military action in populated areas of Pakistan, large numbers of innocent Pakistani citizens have died at the hands of its own military while the damage to property, and the destruction of infrastructure, is incalculable. Flourishing cities, towns and villages have been reduced to places of utter desolation where ghosts might roam. To understand the full horror of what has happened, please click this link:

Quite apart from civilian deaths, the deaths of Pakistani soldiers are many times the number of deaths reported by the USA and British occupying forces in Afghanistan.
3. Pakistan’s government meekly issues visas in accordance with the demands it receives from the USA, with little effort being made to check on the people for whom visas are issued. The result is that the country is teeming with USA “contractors” and CIA agents, who come into the country as “advisers” and "diplomats". Over the last several years thousands of Pakistanis have simply disappeared, believed to have been abducted by the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence), many of whom have been handed over to the USA. More recently, though, the ISI’s body snatchers are probably keeping people imprisoned in secret locations in Pakistan, where the Americans are given free access. I have previously written about this shameful episode in the history of Pakistan, which you can read here

In summary, this is the reality of Pakistan today: anarchy, civil war, religious intolerance in a public environment where true Islamic principles are non-existent, an unholy civil-military alliance beholden to the USA, and an uncertain future for its citizens.

All is not darkness, though. Two rays of light remain: Pakistan’s Judiciary, which refuses to bow to the Executive or the Military; and a group of courageous and patriotic journalists who are prepared to criticise the forces which have conspired, knowingly or through foolish acts, to destroy Pakistan. Those who can read Urdu might like to click on the link below to read about the enormous pressure that Pakistan’s press is subjected to at the moment.


anoop said...

TTP created by CIA with support from India? Seriously?

Dude, then why on earth did the Pakistani govt gave them a peace deal in Waziristan,FATA during Musharaff years and even after he went out? Didnt the same people who accuse it supported it at some point of time?

You are twisting facts to suit your needs. Its all Pakistan's fault its in trouble. Pak allowed USA to fund those Mujahideens to fight USSR. Why did a country which can barely feed its citizens had to get involved in a tussle between the 2 superpowers?

Why does still Pak still allow its territory for NATO to use?

The fact is Pak made some really fucked up decisions and its paying for it.

Pak establishment thought they could drive India out of Kashmir like they HELPED the Americans to drive out USSR. That needed its citizens to be redicalized. Now, that process of radicalization by Zia has come to bite Pakistan.

Sakib Ahmad said...


You are quite right in some of your comments. Just bear in mind that Musharraf was an American stooge – not for nothing had people nicknamed him Busharraf! - and so is Zardari. For several years Pakistan has merely been a client state of the USA, which the Americans have manipulated in pursuit of their policies in Central Asia. If you have a master-slave relationship, can the slave say ‘no’? That is why Pakistan’s territory is used freely by the USA/NATO – indeed, it is being abused with the drones apparently taking off from within Pakistan and raining down death on its citizens.

The TTP came on the scene quite suddenly, spawned by the CIA. India may not have been involved in its birth but it wasn’t long before the Indians were pouring billions of dollars into Afghanistan and stationing an army of trainers and “diplomats” there. The primary reason was to provide training and sophisticated weapons to the TTP savages and send them across the border into Pakistan to spread terror. Initially, the USA-India nexus had spectacular success as the Pakistani Taliban overran Swat and established a reign of terror there. As you say, the weak-kneed provincial government behaved disgracefully, negotiating with those bloodthirsty thugs. The American media were confidently predicting the fall of Islamabad, which was “only 65 miles away”. It was then that the Pakistan army made its move and the rest, as they say, is history. You can well imagine how disappointed the Americans and the Indians must have been with the success of Pakistan’s army! However, they are quick thinkers and they came up with plan B, which was to destabilise Pakistan through terrorist operations.

MoinSaddiq said...

TTP was created by India and CIA

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