Sunday, September 12, 2010


The Lessons of Ramzan 2010

This has been an extraordinary month, like no other I can recall. The Floods, of course, stand out high above everything else but there has been much else going on.

The Floods

The floods brought out the best and the worst in our nation. There have been numerous instances of extraordinary heroism where people have put their lives on the line to save others from drowning, where people have shown extraordinary generosity to help the flood victims with hospitality and by making large contributions out of proportion to their financial circumstances. While the actions of these ordinary people have made us glow with pride, their has also been revealed the ugly face of our nation: robbers and thieves relieving the unfortunate victims of what little they had managed to save of their possessions; the sight of Pakistan’s nominal “president” roaming the world and showing off the obscene wealth he has amassed through his unscrupulous wheeling and dealing; the virtually dead inner state of Pakistan’s privileged class: the so-called “feudals” and rich industrialists who dominate Pakistani political life – no wonder people, and foreign donors, are loath to contribute to any “funds” that these corrupt and callous people set up under the camouflage of helping the victims of floods.

The mysterious "sectarian" killings

Then, no sooner had the ferocity of the floods abated a bit when the notorious “sectarian killings” hit the country again. I have written at length about this phenomenon before – see, for example, Terrorising Pakistan - and I say it again: the USA brought the cancer of sectarian killings to Iraq in order to achieve its political aims and it is repeating that experiment in Pakistan. Only this time it is being aided and abetted, not just by the Israelis but by the wholehearted participation of the Indian government and its agencies. Pakistan’s government, controlled by a gang of disreputable people put in place by the scheming foreign powers, is powerless to stop the descent of Pakistan into apparent anarchy.

The cricket circus and the abuse of Ramzan

There was also the sorry spectacle of the Pakistani cricket team, accused of all kinds of shady practices. In my view the spotlight has fallen on the wrong people. I see the cricketers primarily as victims, some of whom have progressed into hardened criminals, now indistinguishable from those who had planted in them the seed of corruption. There is something evil about the environment in which cricket is administered in Pakistan. The real culprits, in my view, are the administrators who deliberately expose a kid like Aamer to the evil operators in the world of gambling. The PCB chairman, and others who owe their appointments to political patronage need to be investigated but won’t be because they are the ones who control the reins of power and make all the decisions. Since the president of Pakistan is the patron of PCB and he appoints its chairman, the rot may well go all the way up to the presidency. In other words, you cannot expect a fair investigation! The PCB’s link with the president must be severed and this so-called sporting body must be depoliticised.  The ICC is utterly useless : by talking of lifelong bans on kids like Aamer it is merely deceiving the world about the evil that underpins Pakistan cricket. 

The corrupt PCB sees nothing wrong in arranging matches during Ramzan. This is a brazen abuse of Ramzan about which little is ever said. You see Pakistani fielders on a cricket ground abroad openly gulping down liquids during Ramzan. At the very least, the PCB is guilty of encouraging the young men to disregard a fundamental practice that Al-Qur’an says all Muslims should follow. I imagine that some of the cricketers continue with their saum/roza right through a cricket match but that implies they are being dishonest towards their own selves and towards the spectators who come to see them. The saum is an act of worship towards Allah, sport has nothing to do with it. Someone who chooses to go hungry and thirsty cannot do justice to his talents as a sportsman, which means a team composed of fasting sportsmen cannot provide the sort of challenge that the spectators have a right to expect in a genuine match contested by two fully fit teams at the peak of their game.

Worshippers of the five pillars

The sad fact is that to most Muslims today Islam has become a pliable tool to be manipulated according to their whims. It has stopped being a Code of Conduct – as Jinnah, the Quaid-e-Azam, put it – and has become a distorted jumble of rites and rituals which can be easily moulded into any shape and form! We are supposed to submit to the Divine Will and follow the Guidance we have been given but we have actually become more like pagans, worshipping the five pillars that the mullahs tell us constitute Islam. Our lack of principles has lost us the respect of other nations and we have moved far away from closeness to the Power of Allah that we ostensibly crave.

Na Khuda hii mila, na visaal-e-sanam
Na idher ke rahay, na udher ke rahay!


Pakistan's Nemesis said...
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Sakib Ahmad said...

Ha ha ha! Man, I thought you were an Indian Jew but you turn out to be an Israeli Zionist! That explains the totally unscrupulous and hate-filled comments you pour out here. This blog seems to have a magical power to draw out the evil that seems to reside within you.

Wake up, man, this post of mine is heavily critical of my compatriots - it is only in the context of sectarian killings that I mention the USA-Israel-India axis of evil.

Lost-in-cyberspace said...

Dear Sakib,

You have previously mentioned this man's "visceral hatred of Pakistan and Pakistanis". I think it is more than that. He is based in Israel and he clearly belongs to the group of Pakistan's enemies who are out to destroy our country.

Your blog is one of the most critical about Pakistan but the criticism is based on love for Pakistan and its people. This is what your blog's nemesis cannot stomach. You have criticised Pakistan's government, army, civil service, society, Taliban, religious extremists, etc but he is blind to that criticism. As soon as you mention foreign meddling in Pakistan, this enemy-of-Pakistan starts shooting from the hip, to suppress reality and create an illusion.

The Enemy-of-Pakistan's use of the word 'cancer' is the last straw. Please, please, introduce moderation in your blog. This may take some people away from your blog but this SURGERY is necessary to remove the CANCER from Israel which has taken root in your blog. This cancerous growth may eventually cost you more readers compared to comment moderation.

Pakistan's Nemesis said...
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Sakib Ahmad said...

Dear Lost,

Thank you for your perceptive comments. It seems "Enemy-of-Pakistan" has taken the hint - he has deleted both of his posts in which his penchant for abuse had touched new heights. In the second of his two posts he had made fun of you for suggesting that he is from Israel.

I am copying a part of his blog profile below:

Pakistan's Nemesis
Gender: Male
Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Israel
Favourite Books
Der Judenstaat by Theodor Herzl Exodus - Leon Uris The Story of My Life - Moshe Dayan The House on Garibaldi Street - Isser Hare

Pakistan's Nemesis said...
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Pakistan's Nemesis said...

Mr. Blogger and his reader Permanently Lost are like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. They are both very good in detection work. One discovered that I was based in Israel and the other copied and posted my profile above. Great!!


Noor said...

The Cricket Circus is actually TWO-sided. Here is a link which shows the other side: blatant match fixing by umpires in favour of England:

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