Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The farce of Abbottabad, part 3 : the consequences

This blog post is a continuation of the issues discussed in the previous two - hence the words "part 3" in the title. 

What made the farce of USA's "daring" raid on Abbottabad - in which the hapless Osama died a second death - believable was not so much the brazen lies of the USA president as the humiliating response of Pakistan's President and the Prime Minister. It was as if both these puppets had been pre-programmed to utter nonsensical and demeaning words in response to a seemingly illegal act which violated Pakistan's sovereignty. The Chief Puppet Zardari described the operation as something which was "highly appreciated" while his sidekick Gilani called the degradation of Pakistan "a great victory". This was clear proof that the US held the Pakistan government by the throat, a dysfunctional government which had lost all notions of independence and sovereignty. No wonder the USA's Psychological Operation (PSYOP), targeting Pakistan's Army and its intelligence service, the ISI, had succeeded brilliantly. 

Over the last few years the CIA has succeeded in establishing a huge network of agents and local collaborators, including retired officers of Pakistan's armed forces with close links to serving officers. This was made possible by the Zardari-Gilani duo giving authority to Pakistan's ambassador in the US, Haqqani, to issue hundreds of visas to Americans without any checks whatsoever. This exercise was later repeated in Dubai when the Pakistan embassy was opened up in the evening for the sole purpose of freely issuing visas, bypassing the standard procedures of verification of personal data by the Foreign Ministry and by the ISI.

The rot began many years ago when the USA administration adopted a conscious policy of buying off influential people in Pakistan, starting with the top man Musharraf [see the blog post The case of missing persons ]. However, this policy of recruiting Pakistani traitors to assist with implementation of US policies in Pakistan has seen a huge expansion in recent years. Pakistanis who have sold out to the Americans can be found in all walks of life: the government, the civil service, the armed forces and the media. Pakistan's English language press, especially, is teeming with USA sympathisers who will never criticise US policies but they will virulently attack anyone and anything that offers resistance to the success of those policies. The Army, the ISI, Imran Khan and the Urdu language press (and patriotic Pakistanis writing in the English language press) are obvious targets.

Pakistan's tattered reputation
On Friday, 11 May, the Heads of Pakistan's Army and Air Force addressed a joint session of both the Upper and the Lower houses of Pakistan's Parliament. This session was a great disappointment. The assembled Generals could not summon the courage to clash head on with the Pakistani government and its USA masters, and sweep away the web of lies the two governments had erected. To do this the Generals would have had to admit that they, or a section of Pakistan's armed forces, had colluded with a foreign power to violate the country's airspace and murder a man in violation of Pakistan's laws. It is this sordid collaboration between the Pakistani leaders and the USA which is so hurtful. 

All the indications are that Pakistan's armed forces are infiltrated with traitors in powerful positions. There is immense pressure being exerted by the Americans and their Pakistani collaborators for Generals Kayani and Pasha (the Head of ISI) to toe the line. Pasha, especially, is being targeted and a way may be found to prise him out if he resists the expanding American influence in Pakistan. He appears to have been the driving spirit behind the unanimous Resolution that the two Houses of Parliament had agreed after a mammoth 10-hour session. This Resolution had 12 points, among them were:

* The USA's action in Abbottabad, constituting a violation of Pakistan's air space and sovereignty, was condemned.

* The USA's drone attacks on Pakistani territory were condemned. The USA was warned that if these attacks did not stop, the government would consider the closing down of routes used for the transport of supplies to the US and Nato forces in Afghanistan. Generally, Pakistan would review its working  relationship with the USA.

* An independent commission will be established to investigate the Abbottabad debacle. So far, not a single name has been announced as a possible member of that commission!

Three minor revelations - which people suspected anyhow - were made by the assembled military men:

* Pakistan's Shamsi airbase was not under the control of Pakistan Air Force! Apparently, it was owned by the United Arab Emirates and was sub-contracted to the USA, giving that country a free hand to fly aircraft from Shamsi for its nefarious designs. No one seems to have asked if the base will now be taken back into Pakistan's control!.

* Pakistan Air Force has the technology to shoot down the US drones which have killed well over two thousand Pakistani citizens. It is up to the government to give an order for shooting down the drones if the US continues to violate Pakistan's sovereignty [as the readers of this blog know well, Pakistan is a willing party to this arrangement].

* Raymond Davis was freed on the order of the central government - but the ISI top man, Pasha, declined to provide further details relating to that mysterious case.

The USA's hammer blow
The show of defiance by Pakistan's National Assembly was too much for the American masters. Scarcely had the ink dried on the 12-point Resolution than the world's only Superpower delivered a hammer blow by launching drone attacks on Pakistan and daring it to implement its worthless Resolution. Separately, the USA's creation, the Pakistani Taliban, launched a suicide attack which destroyed almost a hundred Pakistani lives (most died on the spot, others in hospital later). Further terrorist bombings followed on a smaller scale, culminating in a sophisticated assault on the Mehran Naval base on 23 May, which destroyed reconnaissance aircraft on the ground and inflicted immense damage. This was not a random act of terrorism. The attackers had precise instructions about the layout of the naval base and the targets to destroy. This attack came a couple of days after the announcement by Pakistan's Defence Minister, Ahmed Mukhtar, to the effect that China would be asked to build a new naval base in Gwadar and the  operational control of Gwadar port would be transferred from a dubious Singapore company to reliable Chinese hands.

With the exception of those who have sold themselves for dollars, Pakistanis are coming to a realisation that the sophisticated weaponry supplied to the terrorists through Afghanistan and, more importantly, the timing of attacks which coincides  with American warnings to Pakistan, can only mean one thing: the mastermind behind this human slaughter is the world's foremost terrorist state (aided and abetted by other arch enemies of Pakistan). Having terrorised Iraq and destroyed the spirit of its people through indiscriminate killings, the USA is engaged in similar bloodletting in Afghanistan (which it already occupies) and Pakistan (which it occupies through its proxies). This immoral superpower will go to any lengths in pursuit of its selfish policies.

A glimmer of hope
The government and the opposition are both silent, having already forgotten the brave wording of the 12-point Resolution. No orders were given to shoot down the drones and the supply routes to Afghanistan remained open. It fell to Imran Khan to stage a sit-in in Karachi over the two days 21-22 May, which resulted in the temporary suspension of USA/Nato supplies. Imran is expected to announce a long march in protest against the USA's drone attacks on Pakistan's citizens and the US's interference in Pakistan's affairs.

In the midst of the destruction unleashed on Pakistan following Parliament's  Resolution, Imran Khan's dharna (the sit-in) has been the only show of defiance. The day after his dharna ended,  John Kerry, chairman of the US Senate's foreign relations committee, came to Pakistan, wagging his finger and telling the Pakistanis that he had not come to apologise for the raid on Pakistani territory. The sheer arrogance of his words and his body language, and the way the Pakistani leaders cowered before him, may have been the last straw for the long suffering Pakistani nation. More and more people, including the judiciary, are able to see that Pakistan's fake democracy - effectively, subjugation to the USA - needs to be replaced with the genuine article. The first priority is to clean up the electoral register which contains no less than 37 million bogus names (some 44% of the eligible voters). Millions more who are eligible to vote need to be added to the voting lists. Free and fair elections in the near future are needed desperately to get rid of the criminals and traitors who rule Pakistan.

The Tojan Horses in Pakistan
In the blog post The Fall of the American Empire I mentioned the American-financed newspaper, The Express Tribune, which defends the policies of the US government irrespective of the harm they inflict on Pakistan. The online version of that publication had censored my comments on its editorial relating to the notorious Raymond Davis case. More recently, I offered comments on ET's story relating to the discussions in Pakistan's National Assembly. People were being provoked to demand that "heads must fall" - a euphemism for the heads of Kayani and Pasha - but my comments, which opposed that view, were censored. My unpublished comments are given below, which also show how badly my judgement was affected at that time by the "tsunami of lies" unleashed by the Americans:

Are the Americans taking the Pakistani nation for a ride? Why do so many people echo the Americans' sentiments and accusations?

Go back to 9/11 when the sole super power was hit at the heart of its military and commercial centres. Were there any resignations? Not one!

Let us, therefore, keep things in perspective and avoid shooting ourselves in the foot. No one is perfect and mistakes will always be made. After each mistake, we need to re-assess the situation and correct any weaknesses that come to light. If we weaken our military and the ISI at this time the obvious winners will be the USA and India.

Osama was supposed to have died some years ago as a result of kidney failure. That, I think, was the view of the ISI as well. However, it was obvious that the Americans were driven insane by their own obsession with Osama, but they wouldn't say why they thought he was alive and they wouldn't share with the ISI the underlying reasons for holding that view. That being so, ISI was simply passing on any information it picked up about Al-Qaeda to the CIA - which eventually succeeded in pinpointing Osama. All the time the CIA kept the ISI in the dark about the follow-up investigations based on the intelligence that the latter had made available.

It is clear that the Americans, our so-called "friends" and "allies", have stabbed Pakistan in the back and, very cunningly, rubbed our collective nose in the dust while the whole world stood watching aghast.

دیکھا جو تیر کھا کے کمیں گاہ کی طرف
اپنے ہی دوستوں سے ملاقات ہو گئی


Lost-in-cyberspace said...

Thanks for this reality check in a world which is now ruled by propaganda. The formula is: keep on repeating a lie non-stop – eventually people will accept the lie as true.

The mass murderer Obama left today for the G8 summit in France. While he was in the UK his “charm”, intelligence and turn of phrase wowed the British nation. There was no doubt that the “grandson of a cook in the British army” was the most popular man in the UK over the past two days. Appearances are everything nowadays – character and principles mean nothing.

This mass murderer, a lawyer himself, believes in lynch law as “justice” (by his own account, his raid party invaded Pakistan illegally and murdered some people in a house). No question of establishing guilt or holding a trial – unproved accusations by the rulers of the most powerful nation on earth are enough! Torture of suspects is OK, concentration camps are OK, murder squads are OK and to hell with other countries sovereignty! Tyrant Obama announced a few days ago that he reserves the right to order another attack on Pakistan. In other words, he will make his own arbitrary decision to invade a sovereign nation, a member of the United Nations!

History tells us that another mass murderer, Germany’s Hitler, committed suicide in 1945 and thus “escaped” justice but his accomplices in crime were hunted down throughout the world. They were then brought to Nuremberg where trials were held and their guilt was established. The whole world could see that they deserved the punishment they received. Those civilised rules no longer apply in a world cowed and bullied by the only super power!

Sakib Ahmad said...

In response to this blogpost and the comment above, the enemies of Pakistan have been trying to post obscene and filthy comments, which shows their moral and intellectual poverty. To those Americans/Israelis who are incandescent with rage that the lying US government's account of Osama's "murder", and the terror acts in Pakistan, have been rejected by me and many of my readers, I'll simply repeat what I have said elsewhere:

The USA is a serial liar. Why would anyone want to believe it if it failed to provide any evidence to back up its claims? There has been a lot of hot air but not a single piece of concrete evidence to prove that the USA murdered Osama earlier this month. The fact that it claims the body was given a "Muslim burial" at sea shows the worthlessness of its claims.

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda are tools in the hands of the CIA with which it moulds world opinion. The Pakistani Taliban are an American creation, and Al-Qaeda has been splintered into small groups. It is a fallacy to think of Al-Qaeda as a cohesive organisation with effective central control. Osama and his deputy Al-Zawahiri had split up years ago as they did not get on with each other.

The TTP and Al-Qaeda routinely take responsibility for terrorist acts in Pakistan. This is utterly unbelievable when you consider a meticulously planned and executed operation such as the attack on the Mehran naval base. There are strong suspicions that all those bogus claims originate from the CIA. The whole thing smacks of an elaborate Psychological Operation conducted by the CIA.

As for Osama’s “wives and children”, they have only been seen and interviewed by the ISI and the CIA, both inveterate liars. If they are telling the truth, they should have no hesitation in letting members of the independent media to talk to the family direct.

irfan said...


What evidence is there that the TTP is a creation of the CIA?

I'm still digesting your post as it is quite long and covers a lot of ground.



Pakistan's Nemesis said...


The Blogger lives in a make-believe world where he feels that the source of Pakistan's problems is the US and the West. According to him, Taliban and Al Qaeda are CIA's tools and Laden was a CIA agent. 9/11 was caused by the CIA and Mossad. Basically all these are a figment of his imagination. There are many in Pakistan who possess this type of a mind-set.

Sakib Ahmad said...


I have to say I am a bit surprised that a Pakistani should be asking this question. Let’s travel back in time some two years when Swat had been overrun by the TTP and the American media could barely suppress its glee, confidently telling the world that Islamabad, a mere 70 miles away, was about to fall to the Taliban. Pakistan was staring into an abyss and all was darkness, the USA having got a team ready to pounce on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal (do read what the American investigative journalist, Jeremy Scahill, has written). It was then that Kayani gave the order to Pakistan Army to march into Swat and, later, South Waziristan. The prisoners and the weapons that the army captured revealed a tale of treachery by Pakistan’s friend, the US of A! The stories were all over the Urdu language press but people who stick to the awful English language press would have been fed stories peddled by the infamous duo The New York Times and The Washington Post.

It was general knowledge that the ISI was passing precise information to the CIA about the locations visited by the TTP leader Baitullah Mehsud but he remained unharmed while the CIA bombed targets of its own choosing. Eventually, Baitullah grew too big for his boots and declared support for Mullah Omar - and paid for that indiscretion with his life. I have rummaged around a bit and dug out the following report for you – you can carry out your own research and learn a great deal more:

You will also find the following blog posts helpful:

In the discussions that followed these posts an active participant was Pakistan’s Enemy, who is now trying to waylay you.

Other investigative journalists you will find useful to read are:
Pepe Escobar, Seymour Hersh, Bob Woodward and Aram Roston. Towering above them all is the imposing presence of Noam Chomsky, for whom moral considerations override everything else.

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

What a great story? Irfan's nationality, patriotism (rather jingoism), his religion, etc will be questioned. I am referred to as the enemy of Pakistan. But again the true enemies of Pakistan are the people who possess a mindset like the Blogger or those who subscribe to his nonsense. It is easy to blame outsiders for the chaos in Pakistan and divert attention and distort public opinion. His comments particularly on Mehsud are laughable and carry very little conviction. The best part is according to the Blogger, what is written by the jingoistic Urdu press is more credible than what is reported by the English papers.

The simple fact is after a few years of civilian rule, Pak started experiencing an unending era of misrule by the military directly and through civilian puppets. Today, because of its flawed policies, it has plunged into an abyss. It is for the people of Pak to put things in order and for that the army must be sent to the barracks and not allowed to run its foreign and domestic policy. Till this happens, the ordinary citizen's woes will never end. If Sakib Ahmads of Pakistan are hell bent on self-destruction, so be it.

Sakib Ahmad said...

This man’s hatred and enmity for Pakistan is obvious from the silly user name he identifies himself with. He has been sending me filthy comments which I have ignored. The two extracts below show what he thinks of Pakistan and its inhabitants:

“Pak never had a reputation. Having been born a bastard, this region which proclaimed it to be an independent nation, never had any claim to reputation”.

“What morals does the Pakis have in the first place? Pakis on their illegitimate birth was obsessed with getting Kashmir by hook or by crook.”

This man feels no shame in publicising his ignorance about Pakistan’s Urdu language press which gives vibrancy to Pakistani journalism in the face of a large part of the English language press having been deprived of its freedom and made to toe the American line. Here are two thought provoking articles from the Urdu press:

More cunning than a fox, and having more colours than a chameleon possesses, this man is now dabbling in psychological tricks to set one Pakistani against another! Disgusting!!

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

I have no such grand design of one countryman against the other; and if I had one, it is difficult for me to achieve. In any event, Pakistanis are hell bent on killing each other in the name of the same religion, they all profess to follow. That is the reason, I said they are on a course of self-destruction. And by the way, Thanks for calling me more cunning than a fox for whatever it is worth. It is a compliment, considering that it is coming from a perfidious Pakistani.

Sakib Ahmad said...

Perfidious Pakistani? Do you know the meaning of the word 'perfidious'?

An element of sectarian strife has always existed in most societies and Pakistan is no exception. What has made the situation intolerable in Pakistan is the inhuman policies of foreign powers to pursue their evil designs through fanning the flames of sectarian hatred. The cost in terms of human suffering is incalculable but the Americans, the Israelis and the Indians are gloating - which shows how far below the human level they have sunk.

The Pakistanis are paying the price of having discarded Islam as Deen. The many different versions of "religion" that we have in Pakistan today have only a superficial resemblance to Islam. A society that is defined by injustice and rampant dishonesty, where lies, nepotism and corruption are widespread, is anything but Islamic. Do read my blogs on Islam.

The first step to reforming Pakistani society is a pressing need to get rid of the oppressive and corrupt foreign-imposed rulers, who are held in place by the ugly machinations of their foreign backers.

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

There goes the Blogger again - "Accusing rulers who are imposed by foreigners". The rulers of Pak are from within Pak society. Who imposed ZA Bhutto, Zia-ul-Haq, and earlier Yahya Khan and Ayub Khan. Not India, not Israel and not the US. This misrule is Pakistan's own making. The Army got involved in the internal politics and created this mess. No foreign power can influence a country unless its own people invite them to meddle in their affairs. The age old proverb - As you sow, so shall you reap - was probably made only for Pak-like situations. I repeat accusing foreign powers will not solve Pak's problems

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

Before the Blogger talks of the level we Israelis/Indians have sunk, he should read what is happening in his home country. It is easy to sit in an arm chair in UK and criticise foreigners for the country's ills.

Read about the killing of a journalist named Syed Saleem Shahzad who exposed a possible link between Al Qaeda and Pak servicemen titled Pakistan - Silencing the truth seekers This piece has been written by a former Pak Ambassador. So it is hoped that readers like the Blogger will not question the veracity of analysis which may not be to their liking.
So, now who has "sunk below the human level"? I think it is Pakistani society whose morals and morale have sunk.

By the way, I admire the chameleon as well. Thanks

irfan said...

Reading this blog, among others, and reading the comments by both Pakistan's Nemesis and Sakib Ahmad on this post, I have come to the conclusion that no one is completely right and no one is completely wrong. What Pakistan is facing today is too complex for there to be a simple answer, but something more nuanced is needed.

Sakib's view that every terrorist attack in Pakistan, which he lists on his blog, is attributed to a foreign power: India, Israel and the United Sates-- the usual suspects. Given Pakistan's geo-strategic location, sitting astride energy-rich Central Asia and Middle East, foreign intrigue is inevitable. But to call every terrorist incident an attack by a foreign powers I find incredulous.

Where is our much praised military and intelligence services in preventing or stopping these attacks? Or catching the foreigners and terrorists who commit these attacks? How could the US launch an unmolested operation in Abbottabad? Either the military was incompetent or in cahoots with the US? And if they are in cahoots with the US, who else are they in cahoots with? Taliban, Al-Qaeda, even the TTP?

Incompetence of connivance, our military does not look good. No wonder there is a growing public mistrust of military across the country. People are finally realizing that they are no better than the corrupt civilian rulers who run this country.

The media is not helping matters with their slovenly reporting, especially the Urdu-language press, which seems to revel in publishing conspiracy theories galore, the more sensational the better. The only source of their "news" reports are anonymous sources, unnamed sources, mostly from some government ministry, military, or intelligence agencies. English-language press have their faults, but to their credit, most of them haven't bought into what the Urdu-press is peddling. In essence, they offer a different viewpoint.

And since the Urdu-language press dominates the English-language by a large margin, it's their viewpoint that prevails: that Pakistan is responsible for nothing, and foreigners are responsible for terrorism in the country.

Sakib Ahmad said...

I am in a state of shock. I had never suspected that a foul mouthed person such as yourself could have a sense of humour! The way you end your last comment left me speechless for a while.

What you say about Pakistan’s rulers, pre-9/11, is true. But, true to form, you then start spreading disinformation even though you fully understand how Busharraf sold out Pakistan for personal gain. See the blog post "The case of missing Persons" here:

When it was clear that Busharraf was fast becoming a liability, Condoleezza Rice got him to pass the hateful National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO –popularly referred to as the National Robbers Organisation). You can read the details in the blog post ‘The Day of the Vampires’:

However, you are quite right in one respect: the Americans could not have gained such a stranglehold on Pakistan if we had had honest and self-respecting people in positions of power. This is why I, and millions of other Pakistanis, wish to bring about a transformation in the country. We need to get rid of the twin evils of the wrong headed mullahs who have distorted Islam beyond recognition, and the Americanised Pakistanis who identify their interests with those of the USA.

I am glad you mention the murder of Saleem Shahzad, a most courageous investigative journalist. In his last article before his death he mentioned the name of the terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri as being responsible for planning the attack on the Mehran naval base. Shahzad had spoken to his Pakistani friends about the hand behind Ilyas Kashmiri but he was silenced before he could make further revelations. The Americanised Pakistanis have been given the nod to go all out and malign the ISI. All the signs are that this is yet another of CIA’s “false flag” operations in which CIA/Mossad/RAW are acknowledged experts.

Shahzad appeared to have spoken about his findings to his friends in Pakistan who are beginning to speak up. Perhaps the truth about Shahzad’s killers will be known sooner rather than later.

“We Israelis/Indians”? Since when did these two become one? The Jewish religion is monotheistic while Hinduism is pantheistic/pagan. The Hindus also have a caste system, with the Brahmins at the top of the hierarchy and millions of ‘untouchables’ at the bottom of the pile. Has the coming together of Indians and Israelis something to do with the Jewish and Brahmin claims to be the Chosen Ones, standing high above the rest of humanity?

A primary reason why Pakistan was created was the Muslims’ rejection of the Hindu practice which bracketed all non-Hindus with the untouchables. This point is cleverly suppressed in the Indian/Israeli propaganda against Pakistan.

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

Mr. Blogger, some form of caste system or racial bias exists in all societies. Before making any comment on the Hindu caste system, please look at Pak society. Who are Mohajirs? Who are Ahmediyas? Aren't the latter not treated as Muslims? What about Shias in Pakistan? LeJ is known to target only Shias. (I fail to understand how the West, Israel or India can be involved in purely inter-religious clashes?) Ditto for Christians and Jews. Are you even aware that are separate parishes for low-caste Christians in India? Just accept the fact that Pak is a society ridden with sects and factions. The religion does not sanction bias between two human beings; it is the people who follow the religion. Having lived in India and Israel, I try to identify myself with both societies.

And by the way, Mr. Blogger, you are sadly mistaken - Brahmins no longer call the shots in India. One of the biggest state in India UP is ruled or 'misruled' by a Dalit lady.

Muslims as a religious grouping are not untouchables in India. There are enough instances of Muslims and other minorities attaining high positions in government and in the private sector. The first Indian Chief Justice of a High Court was Mohammed Currim Chagla,a junior of late M. A. Jinnah; chief of Air Force ACM Idris Latif (whose son in law was the former Mumbai Police Commissioner - Gafoor), three Muslims have been Presidents of India, several of them were CJ of India. The list is endless. So, caste or no caste, people with merit have attained high positions in India. Can the same be said of PAKISTAN? NO

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

The Pakistani journalist was killed by his own countrymen. There is absolutely no evidence of any RAW/CIA or other foreign hand. His report would have exposed the unholy nexus between the Pak ISI-Army-Al Qaeda and its affiliated groups. No other country except Pak government stood to gain from his killing.

Sakib Ahmad said...


Try not to look at Pakistan in isolation but as the most important element of the chain Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan. The strategies that Petraeus had adopted in Iraq, promoting internecine violence among Iraqis and buying off key people with monetary and other inducements, are once again the key element in the US military’s attempts to destabilise Pakistan. Please read the reports and books by journalists whose names I gave you – you will find their “conspiracy theories” mind blowing. It is being increasingly accepted – for example, in the UK – that what we see is an illusion and the underlying reality is something else. By contrast, Pakistan’s English language press can’t see beyond the lies and disinformation peddled by the NYT and The Washington Post, which have degenerated into mere tools for the dissemination of US government’s foreign policy.

Here is a link to an article in The Daily Telegraph, a right-wing UK newspaper (as opposed to the left-wing Guardian, which often publishes articles embarrassing to the US government), which had attracted over 700 comments. These comments will show you what an average Briton thinks of the US government’s antics:

One particular comment began with the words, “This article, and comments thereon, have been quite an eye opener. What many people do not seem to realise is that there is not much difference between the sort of comments here and the majority Muslim view. It is the relentless assault of the American media - a willing accomplice to the imposition of the US government's foreign policy - which only focuses on the extreme elements of the Muslim world and presents Muslims as caricatures to be laughed at. This propaganda is very successful in
drawing attention away from the tyranny and mass killings practised by the USA and the country that exercises a mysterious influence on its foreign policy. Millions have died in South America, the Middle East and Asia because of the greed and selfishness of the power crazed twins, the USA and Israel.”

You have not followed my earlier replies carefully. I have already explained that with the help of Zardari, Gilani and Haqqani, the CIA has managed to flood Pakistan with thousands of Americans who have set up a rival intelligence network to the ISI. This has been published in newspaper reports in the UK but I do not know about the English language press of Pakistan. The analyses in the Urdu language press point to similar conclusions.

Until not so long ago our army was commanded by Musharraf. His buddies, the USA’s yes men, retain significant positions in the army. It was such traitors who had collaborated with the Americans in the Abbottabad drama.

Urdu is the lingua franca of Pakistan, which means that the Urdu publications cater for the needs of both highly educated Pakistanis as well as for those with minimal education. Therefore, the quality of published articles varies enormously. The English language press, on the other hand, exists to satisfy an unnatural psychological need of “Brown Sahibs”, who have been brainwashed to regard their own language, culture and traditions as inferior compared to the gaudy glamour of the West. Please do read the blog post, “A crass decision by the Punjab government”:

Sakib Ahmad said...

To Pakistan's Enemy:

It is obvious that your knowledge about Pakistan is limited but you insist on making rabid comments for propaganda purposes.

First off, what is a Mohajir? Long ago Altaf Hussain had found this term very useful when he was setting up a political party in Karachi. That word has now vanished from the scene and Altaf Hussain has renamed his political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement. Get it? No?

Let me try again. If you leave Israel and go and live permanently in India, with no intention of a return to Israel, then you are a mohajir - an emigrant. My own father moved from Indian Punjab to Pakistani Punjab but we never called ourselves mohajirs. Those who had moved from India and settled in Karachi identified themselves as Mohajirs for political reasons. Those mohajirs have been very successful in Karachi and they now call themslves what everyone else does, that is, Pakistanis. The MQM is now expanding in Punjab which has Nawaz Sharif worried.

Looks like you have never heard of Chief Justice Cornelius, Justice Bhagwan Das, Ardeshir Cowesjee, etc who made it to the top in various spheres of life in Pakistan. As for your Indian eulogy, being a president is neither here nor there. Let me know when India has a Muslim Prime Minister.

The Hindu fanaticism and terrorism in India is getting out of control. Are your eyes open or closed when massacres of Muslims and Christians take place in India?

The impressive level of "tolerance and equality" in India was indeed very visible in the film 'Slumdog millionaire', which I recommend that you see at the first opportunity.

As for the Sunni-Shia killings in Pakistan, they are a mirror image of what happened in Iraq, thanks to the evil genius Petraeus.

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