Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Change of Direction

It seems an eternity since I last posted a blog. The events of last May, culminating in the murder of the journalist Saleem Shahzad, shook me up. Posting blog after blog about the hopeless situation in Pakistan appeared to me to be a pointless exercise.

I wrote my last blog on 24 May, lamenting the internal and external evils which threatened the very existence of Pakistan. Some six months later, there does seem to be a wind of change blowing although the treachery, greed and moral depravity of Pakistan’s rulers, and ex-rulers scheming for a return to power, are as strong as ever. Well, what’s this ‘wind of change’ then? It began, I think, with the overwhelming success of Imran Khan’s rally at Minar-e-Pakistan on 30 October. The Wind seems to be gathering pace and it may one day sweep away the evil that is eating Pakistan from within: the collusion and treachery of corrupt rulers which has allowed the foreign presence in Pakistan to grow and multiply and occupy an obscene place in Pakistan’s politics, government, military and the westernised element of Pakistan’s society.

I am one of those who have been patiently waiting for Imran Khan to emerge as a credible political force in Pakistan. It does seem that he has at long last arrived on the scene. I last wrote about him in a blog posted on 1 January 2011, when I said: “Pakistan needs new leadership, which may take a little time to emerge. Right now, Imran Khan looks to be the one potential leader around, the only one who has the guts to look the Americans straight in the eye and outstare them. His integrity is beyond question and his popularity in the country, especially among the young, seems to be growing exponentially.” You might be interested in reading the full blog and the comments thereon here.  

The great danger that Imran faces now is the likely exodus of discredited politicians from other political parties, falling over themselves to climb on to the rolling bandwagon of Tehreek-e-Insaf. I very much hope that Imran will show them the door. If he fails to keep out these blood-sucking vampires, he risks losing his pre-eminent position as an honest and principled politician – which is his chief strength.

Looking ahead, I wish to open up my blogs, writing bilingually in Urdu and English about any subject that takes my fancy. At the moment my readership is concentrated in the UK and the USA - and I am aware that I am running the risk of losing some of my readers, especially those who come here for my political commentaries. However, a change of emphasis may also attract new readers, especially genuine Pakistanis who do not feel at home with a foreign language. So, if you come across a piece in Urdu which you cannot read, please bear with me – the next post might be in English.

Finally, thank you to all those readers who haven't deserted me during my long absence from my blog.


Pakistan's Nemesis said...

Nice to have you back for some more propaganda on Pakistan

Pakistan's Nemesis

Pakistan's Nemesis said...

Imran Khan's integrity??????? Sounds weird

Sakib Ahmad said...

I see that you are one of those who haven't deserted me! Should I thank you for that?!

Tell me what 'integrity' means to you. Is it the sort of thing that shines brilliantly in your comments here?

Anonymous said...

We Want Imran Khan

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