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San Bernardino: latest false flag atrocity

This latest contribution in the spread of Islamophobia by western governments and mainstream media is possibly the most childish. The American FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, has had the bright idea of inventing a Muslim Bonnie-and-Clyde, a trigger-happy couple who go on the rampage killing innocents right and left!

The story goes as follows: In San Bernardino, California, an American-born Muslim man, Syed Rizwan Farook, and his Pakistani wife, Tashfeen Malik, carried out mass shootings of Farook's colleagues on 2 December, resulting in numerous casualties, including 14 deaths. Needless to say, as in all such false flag attacks attributed to Muslims, the couple were mercilessly gunned down and silenced for ever. As dead people tell no tales, this left the FBI free to weave a fantastic tale that defies both logic and common sense.

As the shooting was going on, it was reported live by various channels. Here are some choice morsels:

Fox Los Angeles reports that the suspects are “white males” in “military gear” and armed with “rifles.”

Police have warned people not to talk to the media. At one point the reporter attempted to interview a witness and multiple officers rushed up and pushed the reporters and the witnesses apart.

San Bernardino Police Department Lt. Richard Lawhead said that their SWAT team happened to be conducting training nearby. The team was suited, “ready to roll” and responded rapidly.

This is a classic tell-tale sign of a false flag operation! Comment:

"What makes this noteworthy is that this is not the first time that emergency drills for the exact scenario unfolding were taking place at virtually the same moment the actual terrorist attacks began.
Paris-area emergency personnel and ambulance crews were taking part in a simulated emergency exercise on the very same day the Paris terrorist attacks took place.
During the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) was in the midst of a training exercise called Vigilant Guardian, which “coincidentally” simulated planes being hijacked by terrorists."
You can read an account of the live reporting here

Two days later, on Friday, 4 December, this circus had a comedy sequel when the alleged murderers' house, which had been used to store a multitude of weapons and ammunition, was invaded by dozens of reporters who showed off the couple's personal belongings to the whole world on live television!

Switch off your brains

According to FBI, the couple had engaged in a shoot-out with the police. When pictures of their getaway car were taken it was found to have the windows rolled up with the glass shattered. The pictures of the dead couple showed them to be handcuffed. How on earth is it possible for a person to be hand-cuffed and engage in a shootout with car windows rolled up? 

The car was riddled with bullet holes made by the police shooters, who had made sure the couple had died.  Capturing them alive was obviously not an option as that would have made it impossible for FBI to spin its fantastic story, which defies common sense. Killing alleged Muslim "terrorists" is standard practice while the police has no trouble arresting alive non-Muslim pink-coloured mass murderers, who are never called terrorists. This linkage of "terrorism" with Islam is an essential psychological trick behind the satanic Islamophobia campaign being conducted by western Establishments (governments/bureaucracy/media/security forces).

A report published at the website of Veterans Today lays bare the false propaganda that has been raging about the San Bernardino massacre of innocents. As the report points out, why would radical Muslims kill innocent people rather than high-level individuals such as "Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Dov Zakheim, and the other architects of the genocidal War on Islam". Click this link:

FOOTNOTE, added 11 December 2015

San Bernardino Incident Has the Earmarks of a False Flag. Testimony of Eyewitnesses

  10  8 

2015 San Bernardino shooting map location of mass shooting, OpenStreetMap (CC BY-SA 2.5)
Justifiable suspicions about what happened surfaced straightaway after the incident.
The alleged perpetrators, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik,appear to have been used as convenient patsies – the same way April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Dzhokhar were unjustly framed for a crime they didn’t commit.
False flag attacks are used to stoke fear, to enlist public support for planned domestic and foreign horrors. Events post-9/11 are well-documented. What’s unfolding now looks like more of the same – the phony pretext of combating ISIS, state-sponsored high crimes at home and abroad.
Eyewitnesses to the San Bernardino shooting said three white gunmen in black military attire, armed with assault rifles, were responsible.
Sally Abdelmageed working at the Inland Regional Center described them this way, saying “(a)s soon as they opened up the doors to building three…one of them (began) shoot(ing) into the room.”
“I couldn’t see a face. He had a black hat on…black cargo pants, the kind with the big puffy pockets on the side…long sleeve shirt…gloves…huge assault rifle…six magazines…I just saw three dressed exactly the same.”
“It looked like their skin color was white. They look like they were athletic(ally) buil(t), and they appeared to be tall” – clearly professionals, carrying out a well-planned attack, the way all false flags are conducted.
Abdelmageed and other eyewitnesses gave similar accounts, debunking the official narrative – a Big Lie, framing two innocent Muslim patsies, killed by police to tell no tales, given no chance to explain their innocence.
Their bodies were found handcuffed, indicating they were apprehended and likely extrajudicially executed to be unable to refute the official narrative.
Former NSA/CIA contractor Steven D. Kelley told Press TV intimated that hired guns allegedly from Craft International (a Blackwater type paramilitary group, the same one responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings) could have been behind the San Bernardino shootings. (see below)
The incident “is just one in a long string of false flag events that I am afraid to say are not over,” he said. “We’ll probably be seeing several more before the end of the year, because of the events that are going on in the world, specifically with NATO implicated in the buying of (stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil complicit with) Daesh and other events.”
“(W)hen these things happen, they need to have a rapid response which requires a false flag attack. This was very obvious that this was going to happen” – with lots more to come, Kelly believes, part of Washington’s well-orchestrated fear-mongering campaign.
The early stages of its dirty aftermath are playing out, most Americans mindless about how they’re being duped.
[The link to this article is San Bernardino ]

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