Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The rise and rise of Islamophobia

The devilish campaign of demeaning Islam and humiliating Muslims continues unabated. My last two blogs, HERE and HERE , dealt in detail with how western governments and the mainstream media owned by transnational corporations are colluding in this evil undertaking. The latest act was played out in Brussels on 22 April, where bombs went off at the airport and a metro station, killing 34 people and wounding some 280 more.

The mainstream newspapers and TV networks are going full blast with tales of terrorists whom the formidable intelligence and police forces, enjoying unprecedented powers, could not stop. After the event, pictures are shown of two men, said to be brothers, wheeling trolleys through the airport with a gloved hand while the other hand is bare.  We are asked to believe – without being presented any evidence whatsoever - that the gloves hide the detonators! Does it not occur to the security agencies that this claim amounts to an admittance of gross negligence for failing to have the gloves removed? We are told further that the brothers are suicide bombers who died in the aftermath of the explosions! Very convenient. Those accused in the Paris and San Bernardino massacres also laid down their lives to allow the authorities’ lies and smears to go unchallenged. As in Paris, the alleged perpetrators have criminal backgrounds and had spent time in prisons. They were under surveillance by the security agencies, who were also fully aware of their trips to Syria and back.

The terrified citizens of western Europe have now got to a point where they will believe anything that the authorities tell them and they will readily barter away their civic rights and freedoms for the illusory security of a post-Orwellian state. To strike more terror into their hearts it is being said that the terrorists belonged to ISIS. Since they were allowed to travel freely to Syria and back while under surveillance, this claim is actually an admission that ISIS is being controlled by the West. But the frightened Europeans, fed on a diet of lies and disinformation, are too befuddled to see that the finger of suspicion is pointing towards their own governments who finance, train and arm these terrorists and mercenaries with criminal backgrounds. Invariably, the terrorists are irreligious people with a Muslim background whose sentimental attachment to Islam can be easily exploited by drilling into them a hideously distorted version of Islam. 

The cowed and terrified populations of western Europe and North America have been dehumanised to such an extent that they barely protest when USA and NATO invade Muslim countries, mercilessly murdering millions of Muslims and rendering millions more refugees. Their wrath is reserved for the victims while the murderous war criminals escape censure. One country that benefits enormously from the carnage visited upon the western populations is Israel, which loses no opportunity to whip up Islamophobia. The day after the Brussels atrocity, Israel’s Minister of Transport and Intelligence, Yisrael Katz, said: “If in Belgium they continue eating chocolate and enjoying life, and continue to appear as great democrats and liberals, and not decided that some Muslims in their country are [organising] terror, they won’t be able to fight them.” Here is the newspaper report: Israeli minister lectures Belgians

The role of the USA, NATO, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in the creation and financing of terrorist organisations has been largely suppressed in the mainstream media. Most people are lazy and they accept what the mainstream media tell them. To know the truth one has to make an effort to seek it out from the independent media on the internet. Here is one example of what the independent media can tell you about the reality of "terrorism": Terrorism merges into counter-terrorism

The reality of the mainstream media, owned and controlled by multi-billionaires, who also sponsor politicians to protect their interests in legislative assemblies, can be gleaned from this report: Illusion of free media

TAILPIECE 24 March, 2016

I learnt today that the security at Brussels airport is in the hands of ICTS, a firm which is run by former members of Israeli internal security agency. This firm is responsible for airport security at several American and European airports. It has been involved in several "security lapses" involving "Muslim terrorists", including the 2001 Triple Towers outrage of 9/11 in New  York and the 7/7/2005 bloodbath in London. The full report is below:

An unbelievable tale of Israeli Intelligence Operatives 

Second TAILPIECE : 25 March 2016

It is getting weirder and weirder. It seems the images that have been issued to the public are fake. Those who planned the massacres and killed the patsies who allegedly exploded the bombs have gone to a lot of trouble to hide their identity. A classic false flag operation! Click on link below:

What is true what is fake?

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