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Lesser Evilism in the US Oligarchy

In my family there was a widespread acceptance that the presidential election in the US Oligarchy was being contested by two “evil” personalities. The disagreement arose on which of the two was the Lesser Evil. In the morning of November 9, with Donald Trump’s triumphant face dominating TV screens, a member of my family announced that the Lesser Evil had won, which seemed quite obvious to me. However, that announcement was immediately contradicted. I came to realise that the general feeling in my family was to regard him as the Greater Evil.

In the run-up to the presidential election, Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks released thousands of emails hacked from the email account of John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The mainstream media (MSM), owned and controlled by the oligarchs, did its best to suppress the startling revelations in these emails and keep the public in the dark. The true face of Hillary Clinton was shielded behind a veil spun from MSM lies and disinformation. People who are content to get their news from the MSM tend to form a view of Clinton which bears little resemblance to reality. By contrast, Trump was hammered mercilessly, his shameful misdeeds shouted from the rooftops for all to hear. In any case, this supremely narcissistic man appeared to be his own worst enemy, judging by the filthy things he said in pursuit of votes.

The post-election commentaries in the MSM by so-called “liberals” and “progressives”, shameless touts of the US Oligarchy, show that these pen-pushers are blind and deaf to the revolt against the Established Order, which is spreading rapidly. Its first manifestation occurred with the Brexit vote in the UK and, as Trump made clear, it has spread to the US as Brexit Plus, Plus, Plus. Western media, firmly under the control of oligarchs, have become vehicles for disseminating disinformation and for perpetuating the rule of the oligarchs in the post-Orwellian unreal world in which we are forced to live today.

I had entertained hopes of finding realistic reporting in the Urdu language media of Pakistan. Only for those hopes to be cruelly dashed! Most commentators appeared to be regurgitating the propaganda being peddled in the western MSM. A journalist I hold in high regard was contrasting the “uncouth and uncivilised” Trump with the “dignified, smiling lady with great experience of statecraft”! As for Pakistan’s English language media, the presstitutes bought out by the US oligarchs obediently toed the official line, lamenting Clinton’s loss and making fun of Trump.

So, why was woman Clinton the Greater Evil? Below I have itemised some pointers. A fuller list would make the blog very long. Thanks to the existence of independent media which publicised the Podesta Emails, the Machiavellian intrigues that go on within the Democratic Party are now well understood.

1. Clinton was the agent of the neoliberal oligarchy that rules the West. If Trump is the price we have to pay to defeat neoliberalism then that price is worth paying. While the globalist oligarchs have grown immeasurably rich, the working class and the middle classes in USA have suffered terribly.
[neoliberalism: economic policies such as privatization, fiscal austerity, deregulation, “free trade”, reduction in government spending so as to increase the role of the private sector in economy and society]

2. Clinton openly talked about a nuclear war with Russia and China, and she had no qualms about the US being the first to use nuclear weapons in any conflict with these countries. Her insistence on a no-fly zone over sovereign Syria would have meant a head-on clash with Russia, leading to World War III and a possible annihilation of humanity on earth.

    3.  With the help of the criminal governments of France and the UK, Secretary of State “Hitlery” Clinton destroyed the most prosperous state in Africa, the welfare state of Libya, which planned to ditch the dollar in favour of a gold-backed dinar (“we came, we saw, he died”, Killary cackled over the tragic death of President Gaddafi). Not for nothing is she referred to as “Hitlery” and “Killary”.

    4.  This scheming woman then turned her attention to sovereign Syria which had not only abandoned the dollar but also refused to allow an oil pipeline from Qatar to pass through its territory on its way to Turkey and Europe. She let loose the mad dogs of CIA, the terrorists ISIS/Al-Qaeda/Jabhat al-Nusra etc, on Syria. Syria fought back bravely, eventually appealing to Russia for help. The arrival of Russians on the scene, at the end of September 2015, was a game changer. The Syrian army began to win back the territory it had lost to the evil alliance of US, Nato, Israel and the Gulf states. The cost to Syrian people is incalculable: half the population was uprooted as infrastructure was deliberately destroyed and people lost the means to survive. Some half-million died while millions more were maimed or wandered about as refugees.

    5.  The money laundering machine, The Clinton Foundation, was a fake charity. Millions of dollars came pouring in from donors in return for various favours, referred to as “pay-to-play”.

    6.   “Crooked Hillary” became Democratic presidential candidate as a result of widespread rigging of primaries against her opponent Bernie Sanders.

    7.   Physically and mentally sick Clinton would have been a worse puppet than Obama in the hands of The Oligarchy. Most of Obama’s cabinet had been chosen for him long before he won the election in 2008 (see this). Probably a worse fate awaited the sick Clinton.

     8.  The Podesta Emails are said to contain references to the Clintons’ frequent travels in the “Lolita Express”, which flew them to a holiday island where the morally corrupt, utterly depraved oligarchs gathered to indulge in their vile practices.


The 2016 US presidential election was atypical in that one of the two principal presidential candidates, Trump, was outside the control of the Oligarchy and the Military-Security complex (collectively, the Deep State). The non-stop propaganda about “democracy” is so much eyewash to deceive the public. Two of my earlier blogs deal with this subject, here and here.

What of the future? My guess is that, within a year Trump will have been tamed sufficiently for the Deep State to carry on much as before. If Trump proves too obstinate and tries to bring the Deep State under his control he faces possible assassination. According to Paul Craig Roberts: “If Trump is actually successful in curbing the power and budget of the military/security complex and in holding Wall Street politically accountable, he could be assassinated.”

As for the depravity and satan-worship of the ruling class, revealed by the Podesta emails, you can learn more by clicking this link:
What Podesta emails reveal

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