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Christmas is a dangerous time for Muslim school children in the West

Now that Christmas festivities are behind us it is a good time to reflect on the effect they may have had on the next generation of Muslims growing up in the West.

Christmas is a well established religious and cultural event in the West. Though a majority of the population has rejected Christianity as a belief system, the Christian religion has had a profound effect on western culture. In the run-up to Christmas it is usual to enact the mythical stories relating to the birth of Christ and to venerate him as “son of God” by singing hymns and carols. 

For nominally Christian families it is all good fun as they participate in the playacting and singing of hymns and carols.  They simply do not let their absence of belief affect their enjoyment of the music and the playacting, which are treated merely as cultural phenomena. This may, at best, be considered mildly hypocritical for people who have lost faith in Christianity and pass themselves off as agnostics or atheists.

What about Muslim children though? That is, children from families who are staunchly Muslim and the concepts of
Tawheed [توحید : Oneness، divinity belonging to a single God, the One – الواحد ] and
Shirk [ شرک  -  attributing divinity to a created being]
are absolutely fundamental to their Islamic faith. 

In the Quran, Shirk is referred to as unpardonable. For a Muslim child to engage in the “celebrations” in the traditional Christmassy manner would be not just hypocritical but sacrilegious and blasphemous. Playing fast and loose with Quranic injunctions makes a mockery of God’s Guidance for mankind, which is what the Quran is.

This is a growing problem as an increasing number of Muslim families fail to get across to their children the essential meaning of Kalimah Tayyeba [کلمہ طیبہ ] and Surah Ikhlaas [سورہٴ اخلاص ]. The concept of a God who is beyond their senses but can be perceived through the many Attributes or Beautiful Names [ اسماء الحسنیٰ  ] appears to be alien for most Muslim children. Influenced by the prevailing atmosphere around them, more and more Muslim parents seem to be taking a relaxed view as their children cavort around on the school stage in much the same way as non-Muslim children do. At home, a glowing Christmas tree holds out the promise of presents from Santa Claus on Christmas Day!

Is Islam dying in the West, knocked out by the double whammy of modernist parents and mullah-worship of ignorant Muslims?


Below are some of the “Beautiful Names” ( اسماء الحسنیٰ ), Attributes of God, which are mentioned in the Quran. There are many more. These help Muslims to understand the Majesty, Power, Mercy and Justice of the One God, the Creator of all that exists.

Ar-Rahmaan   The Exceedingly Merciful/Compassionate   الرحمان 
Al-Khaaliq      The Creator                                             الخالق 
Al-Vaahid       The One/Unique                                       الواحد 
As-Salaam     The Peace                                               السلام 
Ar-Razzaaq     The Provider/Sustainer                             الرزاق 
Al-Jaleel         The Majestic                                           الجلیل 
Al-Hakeem      The Wise                                                الحکیم 
Al-Vadood       The Loving                                              الودود                                       
Al-Haadi         The Guide                                              الهادی 
Al-Muhyi         The Giver of Life                                     المحیی 
An-Noor          The Light                                                 النور 
Al-Haqq           The Truth/The Reality                               الحق 
Al-Hakam         The Judge/Arbiter                                    الحکم 
As-Samad        The Eternal/ Everlasting                          الصمد 
Al-Hafeez         The Protector                                         الحفیظ 
Al-Kareem        The Bountiful/Generous                           الکریم 
Al-Aziz              The Powerful/ Irresistible                         العزیز    
Ar-Raheem       The Merciful/ Compassionate                   الرحیم   
Al-Avval            The First                                                 الاول 
Al-Aakhir           The Last                                                  الآخر 
Az-Zaahir          The Outermost/ The Evident                     الظاھر 
Al-Baatin           The Innermost/ Hidden                            الباطن 
Al-Ghafoor         The One who Forgives                              الغفور 
Al-Aleem            The Possessor of Knowledge                      العلیم 
As-Samee           The One who Hears                                 السميع 
Al-Hameed          The Praiseworthy                                     الحمید 
Al-Vaase              The Vast/All-Embracing/The Omnipresent  الواسع 
Al-Valee               The Friend/Helper                                     الولی 
Al-Qaadir             The All-Powerful                                       القادر 
Al-Mutakabbir       The Supreme                                          المتکبر 

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Hira Ovais said...

I understand and agree with your blog post as it is very well written . I may not be as clear to post my views , but I will still try .
Tawheed is the first defined characteristic of Islam . Which means singularity of God . Understood by its numerical adjective wahid - one .
Without Tawheed no person is permitted to enter Islam . However the main gist of this conversation revolves around how we can save us , our generation and future generations from attempting this shirk . Personally , with a solid base of Islamic background from the east , I can identify the fine line of shirk .
On the other hand , demographics who are 'Muslims' just for the sake on their passport and do not have a strong bond with their religion , loose track and perform shirk . As far as my knowledge and observation , the exposure to not only Christianity and their rituals in the west but a buffet of religion influence is ready to attack young generation minds . (In the US only there are 313+ religion ). Any strong influence can play with anyone religious values (especially school kids ) , specially when you are living in a multi-diverse society . Like mentioned in the last line of the post , the abundance of Islamic education should come from ignorant parents and Inactive Muslim community centers . These are the places Where kids are taught that there is one God Allah and have a strong knowledge about the basics principles of Islam that no one can influence , pressure or manipulate their heart & soul (keeping our guards up ) .
Yet again , you will also see two kind of Muslims ; either too strong on religion or none at all . We don't want to be in any of these categories. But then again the basic problem is not only to prevent kids but also to make adults understand to create that relationship with Allah.
Ashfaq Ahmed (Urdu Writer ) says that it is important to keep a pocket knife (keep our guards up ) and be alert for defense so no one can manipulate or influence us . He later tells us a a story (fiction) relating to this context :
Once there was a Mulla (Peer) with many followers . One day he took his followers to a jungle , where he found a river . By the end of the river he saw a beautiful Jewish girl . Mulla (peer) fell in love and he told his followers he'll marry that girl . Later he went upto the Jewish girl parents with the proposal but her parents said they will only allow the marriage if he becomes Jewish . He agreed to their offer and married that girl . His followers cried but he did what he had to .After marriage Mulla (peer) was asked to do a lot of work which was not acceptable but he continued to do so for the sake of his marriage . His followers on the other hand were crying over for their loss . (Story continues)

The point is make your base so strong that no one can intervene between Allah and the person . If Muslim adults believe and hold that rope , kids will have more faithful understanding of Islam .

I hope my comment wasn't offensive to the admin & readers .

May Allah grant you knowledge & medium to pass it on .

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